10 Hidden Features of the iPad 10th Generation That You Might Not Know!

Make multitasking a breeze with Split View in iPadOS. Learn how to use two apps side by side, open multiple windows of the same app, and more. To learn more about this topic, visit the following articles: Use multitasking on your iPad: https://apple.co/3kxmlW2 Use split screen in Safari on your iPad: https://apple.co/3kzdnYI If your iPad keyboard is small or split in half: https://apple.co/3Az5F6r Additional Resources: Contact Apple Support for iPad: http://apple.co/iPad To subscribe to this channel:    / applesupport   To download the Apple Support app: http://apple.co/2hFtzIv Apple Support on Twitter:   / applesupport  

iPads are a major part of our professional and personal lives. From ordering food to making reports or presentations, they have a critical role in our daily life. Even some businesses such as retail stores now use iPads as an alternative to their cash registers.

Their growing popularity is primarily due to the amazing features and apps that streamline your whole process. Along with the capabilities of Siri, the iPad acts as a full-on virtual assistant for your business. But, many more hidden tricks can make owning and using this device even more fun.

Top 10 Features for the new iPad 10th Generation

These features offer you more privacy, streamline your processes, and improve your browsing experience. All of that and much more with just a few taps of your fingers. This section will help you delve deeper into the top 10 amazing and hidden features of the iPad 10th Generation.  

Apple iPad 10th Gen

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1. Split Keyboard

The iPad’s size is a critical factor in why many people choose it. However, not every time you would want to use it like a laptop. Sometimes you might prefer using it as your mobile phone. So, is there a possibility of typing with your thumb just like on your phone? Well, the answer is yes.

Using the split keyboard, you can type on your iPad by simply using your thumbs. To activate this feature, you can go to your settings and then to the general option. Next, choose the “Keyboard” option and tap the button next to Split Keyboard for its activation.

2. Share Safari Tabs across Devices

Working on your iPhone and want to switch iPad? If yes, then this feature is worth your attention. iCloud syncs the tab on all your devices, allowing you to open a tab on your Mac, iPhone, etc., and then continue using it on another. Simply follow the step-by-step process below to get it up and running:

  • Step 1 – Go to Settings
  • Step 2 – Tap on [your name]
  • Step 3 – Go to iCloud on your iPad. If you’re using Mac, then go to the Apple menu
  • Step 4 – Select System Preferences
  • Step 5 – Choose Apple ID
  • Step 6 – Select iCloud and Turn on Safari

3. Scan Documents Without Any Issue

It would be an unusual sight to see a scanner today. Unless you have one in your office, you might not use it again. That is because of the Notes app on your iPad.

If you want to scan something, take a picture of it and the camera will save it directly into your notes. You can click on the plus button and choose the Scan Document options. Next, you can start scanning it according to your preference.

4. Use an Apple Pencil

The Apple Pencil is undoubtedly the best accessory that you can get with iPad. You can use it to draw or sketch things on various apps.

Furthermore, the Apple Pencil is a great option to start writing with your Pencil in the built-in Notes app. The same is the case for various apps, such as calendar events, messages, etc.

5. Multitasking Gestures

The multitasking gestures allow you to view the app switcher, making it easy to switch from one app to another. This feature of the iPad 10 Generation is also very easy to use.

You can simply swipe from the iPad screen’s bottom edge and hold it till you see the app switcher. When using an app, you can swipe either left or right using your finger to switch from one app to another.

6. Apple’s Sidecar feature

The Apple’s Sidecar feature allows you to use your iPad as a screen with your Mac. However, the Mac shouldn’t be too old and must be compatible with macOS Catalina or later.  

To use the Sidecar feature, you can go to the display section of the Control Center on your Mac. Nest, you can beam your screen to the iPad and then use it as a second screen. It is a great option whether you want to use it for gaming or work purposes.

7. Hide Private Photos from View

While you might want to show one photo to someone, there are a few that you want to keep private. Luckily you can hide your private photos on the iPad 10th Generation. Open your photo app and then choose “Select” in the upper right-hand corner.

Next, choose the photos you want to keep private and tap on the “Share” button. Next, choose the “Hide” option from the menu appearing on the bottom side of the screen. These photos are hidden in a different album that you can view whenever you want.

8. Search for Anything Using Spotlight

Spotlight is the optimal way to search for anything. It makes using your iPad more fun and engaging. You can find it by simply going to your Home screen and swiping it down. Besides Siri recommendations, you’ll see a search bar.

Simply tap into it and then find whatever you’re looking for. This feature is great to find and launch any apps that you have recently installed. Furthermore, it also assists you in installing and rearranging apps.

9. Improve Safari with Extensions

Just like Mac, Safari on the iPad will also support all the extensions that can help improve its performance. Therefore, you can download various extensions for different purposes such as turning the webpages into the dark mode, and much more.

To get the Safari extensions, you can app the Settings app and then scroll down to Safari. Next, you can tap on Extension and choose any one of them that you want to add.

10. App Library

Last but not least, the App Library feature allows you to organize various applications into different categories. You can arrange into groups such as Work, Games, etc. Also, the app library will display the apps that you the most with large icons.

This feature makes searching for and opening an app more than easy. Type in the name of the app in the search bar and it will instantly show it to you.

Wrapping Up

These iPad 10th Generation features allow you to streamline your workflow and improve your user experience. Not just that, but it also allows you to increase your privacy. So, if you didn’t know about them, now is the time to start using them.

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